C'est moiAs an artist-activist, it is my mission to use my passion for art to create sustainable, meaningful change in the lives of as many people as possible during my lifetime.  I have known since the age of three that I wanted to be an artist forever. It is my earliest memory. My foray into activism inadvertently started when I was five. Upon finding out the origins of meat, I could no longer eat it. Before that, bacon was my favorite food (naturally). I spent many an evening at the dinner table in solitary protest, refusing to eat my mandatory bite of meat. I believe these tiny sit-ins were of great benefit, for they forced me to learn how to focus my mind and use my imagination (How many ways can you deceptively dispose of a bite of meat?).

In the spirit of philanthropy (as defined here: a desire to promote the welfare of others), I annually donate 10% of all of the sales from my artwork among the following three organizations: One Billion Rising, Polaris Project and Save the Children. It may seem strange that these aren’t animal rights organizations, but I believe that the sooner people are healthy and healed the sooner all life will be here on this lovely planet.  Click here for more about my upcoming project to create art residencies for victims of domestic violence.  If you would like to collaborate on this or a future endeavor, please contact me.