Bird FeederMy mom was kind, unpretentious, and crafty.  Because I was a naughty child who loved to snoop, at age twelve I found a letter stashed away in one of her many jewelry boxes.  It was written in the distinct fountain pen ink that was requisite in Catholic schools.  It was addressed to God, my mother begging for help because of the abuse she was suffering while in her first marriage.  As I sat on her bed in shock and confusion, I learned a mighty lesson about beeswax and minding mine.  I didn’t ask her about it for several years later, but this experience forever changed my view of my mother.  It is this gentle, decent person who is the inspiration behind Margaret’s Place.

Margaret’s Place will be a unique artist residency that focuses on art creation and healing.  It will be a place for artists who have been victims of domestic violence to spend several weeks in a green-certified micro-cabin, with studio, something like this.  By engaging in the therapeutic practice of art and enjoying the surrounding meditative green space to recharge, rejuvenate and get grounded, these artists can begin focusing on what their next steps should be in their healing journey and begin production on a body of work.  This project is in its infancy (having rattled around in my brain for years) and a crowd-funding campaign is in the works.