This is in progress.  It is a series started from a piece of “artwork” adorning the President’s wall at a job I briefly held in a small office in the ‘burbs of DC.  I noticed it for the first time after being there for several weeks.  How I missed it before that is beyond me.

One of the more persistent issues for me as a woman (and now a mother) is the pervasive perception/presentation of women as empty-headed playthings, solely placed on earth to be the object of a man’s gaze.  This work explores that concept through the use of speech bubbles that serve to reinstate the woman’s voice, albeit while she is pressed against the hood of a luxury car. It is not meant to shame the, er, collector, but is rather a statement regarding a society that over a decade into a new millennium deems this acceptable for the work place.  I believe that through the use of humor a less strident statement is made that also highlights the ludicrous nature of such imagery.